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Living in Cebu - About our Living Guides

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About the Guides:

Updated: Cosy of living here has gone up and the British Pound has slumped against the Peso. Things here are not as cheap as they used to be or indeed as cheap as you might imagine.

The guides on the following pages are aimed at giving a basic idea as to what you might find when you visit, relocate or retire in the Philippines. I have included living costs (based on my own expenditure), Health Care (links to Private Medical Companies / Insurers ), Advice on Moving to Cebu, Shipping / Forwarding of your belongings. Information about buying or renting a property (Real Estate Services), Places to Visit, Public transport and much more.


I know of people that live a very basic life in small rented apartments, but are happy and content, whilst there are others who live in large 5-6 bedroom houses and only eat in the finest restaurants. You can live on £600 GBP/month maybe less, but if you want all the finer things in life then expect to pay for them.

The information contained within the guides is purely for reference and cannot be taken as absolute fact. There are many factors that can make the expenditures quoted change, one being the current world oil price increases, introduction of new VAT rates etc. That said the costs quoted should give you a general idea of what you can expect to pay for food and general utilities.

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